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Beirut: Fire breaks out at oils and tires warehouse

Just Earth News | @justearthnews | 10 Sep 2020, 06:47 am Print

Beirut: Fire breaks out at oils and tires warehouse

Twitter video grab

Beirut: A major fire broke out at an oils and tires warehouse in the duty-free market of Lebanon capital Beirut's port on Thursday.

The fire broke out at the place where a massive explosion took place last month that left nearly 200 killed and thousand others injured, the Lebanese Army said in a statement on Twitter.

"A fire has broken out in a warehouse of oils and tires in the duty-free market in Beirut Port, and operations have begun to extinguish the fire, and army helicopters will participate in extinguishing it," the Lebanese Army tweeted.

The Lebanese Army said that efforts were underway to extinguish the blaze and military helicopters will participate in the firefighting operation. 

On Aug 4, a powerful explosion rocked the port of Beirut, killing at least 190 people and injured over 6,000.