Consultancy: Development of a Gender and Anti-Corruption Framework for TI’s National Chapters...


Organization Name: Transparency International (TI)
Location: Regional / Global
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Start Date: 25-February-2020
Closing Date: 15-March-2020

Consultancy: Development of a Gender and Anti-Corruption Framework for TI’s National Chapters in Latin America and the Caribbean


Transparency International (TI) is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption. Through more than 100 chapters worldwide and an international secretariat in Berlin, Germany, TI raises awareness of the damaging effects of corruption and works with partners in government, business and civil society to develop and implement effective measures to tackle it.

While many forms of corruption affect both women and men, corruption disproportionately affects vulnerable populations, including women, who represent a higher share of the world’s poor. Women experience corruption in their daily lives particularly in their role as primary caretakers of their families and are primarily subject to some of its forms, like sexual extortion. As such, corruption stands in the way of women‘s full access to their civic, social and economic rights and hinders their access to leadership positions in the political sphere. Thus, working to end corruption is essential to empower women and reduce existing gender disparities.

In the last years, the Transparency International Secretariat (TI-S) as well as many of its National Chapters have begun to address the linkages between gender and corruption. In 2019, TI’s Global Corruption Barometer for Latin America and the Caribbean included for the first time specific questions related to gender and corruption, which was an important step to understand how corruption affects women. Several of the 17 National Chapters across Latin America and the Caribbean are addressing the gender aspects of corruption through different initiatives from training women leaders in exercising social audits, to conducting research studies about gender and corruption links at national level or promoting the political participation of women.

TI-S is seeking a consultant to develop a gender and anti-corruption framework for the National Chapters in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

The aim of this framework is to lay out the intersection between anti-corruption work and gender, where work can be developed, and the approaches that can be implemented. The aim is to allow National Chapters to use it as practical guidance for their own work and programming.


The development of the framework should entail, and hence include:

• Mapping of the work that the National Chapters in the Latin America and Caribbean region are doing on gender and anti-corruption and respective approaches (for an overview of TI’s work see TI’s topic areas).
• Scope other existing work, initiatives and approaches external to the TI Movement that can potentially inform the National Chapters’ work.
• A framework with a practical focus that serves as a guide for National Chapters.

Essential to all the above is the consideration of context and contextual variables, and consultation with National Chapters in the region.


In close cooperation with the coordination team at TI-S, the consultant is expected to develop a gender and anti-corruption framework.

This includes:

1. An index outlining the structure and content of the framework.
2. Framework including a mapping of existing approaches, good practices, methodologies, recommendations, new strategies and opportunities for regional collaboration.

All presentations and reports are to be submitted in English or Spanish, in electronic form, in accordance with the deadlines agreed. The consultant is responsible for editing and quality control of language. TI-S retains the sole rights with respect to all distribution, dissemination and publication of the deliverables.


The consultant/team of consultants is expected to work very close with the TI-S IMPACT grant coordination team, the Regional Advisor for the Americas as well as with other technical external partners in the region.

The index (deliverable 1) must be approved by the TI-S team before continuing to draft the framework. The engagement of the National Chapters will be coordinated with and facilitated through the Regional Advisor for the Americas. There will be periodical check-in meetings throughout the process with the TI-S team. TI-S will ensure the organisation of logistics associated with this process.


The consultant should have the following qualifications:

• University degree in social sciences/ political science/ gender or equivalent experience
• Thorough understanding of the linkages between gender and good governance, corruption
• Working experience in the Latin America and Caribbean region
• Excellent command of English and Spanish to a native speaker’s level
• Good presentation and communication capacities with high attention to detail
• Previous experience in successfully conducting similar assignments
• Innovative, open-minded, culturally sensitive personality


The consultants should provide their estimated total fee as a lump sum or as standard daily or hourly rates, before any VAT or other charges.

For consultants based in the EU, EEA and Switzerland

Transparency International e.V. (Secretariat), (TI-S) is registered as a Business Entity in Germany with VAT identification number DE273612486. In order to determine the Value Added Tax (VAT) implications of this tender, we kindly request that consultants fill out the VAT Form for Tenders/Vendor Form (instructions inside the form) and submit the completed and duly signed form along with their email application.

The link to the VAT Form for Tenders/Vendor Form is available at

How to apply:


The application should include the following documents in English or Spanish:

• a cover letter that outlines the consultant’s qualifications for the assignment
• a concept note that briefly presents the idea and overall approach to the assignment, envisaged challenges this assignment poses, and a work plan
• CV(s), incl. two references (with contact information)
• links, references to work samples related to the topic
• an indicative time/ cost estimate broken down by daily fee, number of days, other costs
• indication of availability to conduct the assignment within the given timeframe

Please email your application documents by 15th March 2020, 23:59 CET indicating “Gender and anti-corruption framework’’ in the subject line to

Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Guidelines for handling overhead and travel expenses:

1. Overhead:

Regular overhead expenses associated with the Consultants maintaining their place of business, such as rent, telephone, utilities or stationary, are included in the Consultant’s professional fee, except where explicitly agreed otherwise in the contract.

1. Travel

2.1 Travel and accommodation expenses will as far as possible, and where applicable, be recovered from the institutions and companies hosting events or using the outputs provided by the Consultant.
2.2 Where such cost recovery is not possible, all travel is subject to prior approval by TI-S staff responsible for the financial management of the Project or TI Budget Line that will support the costs of travel. TI shall not issue travel advances to the Consultants. For accommodation or travel by air, rail or coach, they will instead have to contact TI-S that will make travel arrangements on the Consultant’s behalf.
2.3 All travel booked by TI-S will include travel health and accident insurance with worldwide coverage and Economy class only; accommodation will aim to achieve best value for money up to a 4-star category.
2.4 Consultants shall be entitled to invoice TI-S only for local transportation and visa cost (if applicable).
2.5 Subsistence allowance (per diems) and expenses for individual meals cannot be claimed. These are part of Consultant’s business expenses.

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