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Nepal: More children testing positive for Covid-19 this time

By South Asia Monitor/IBNS | @justearthnews | 29 Apr 2021, 10:18 pm Print

Nepal: More children testing positive for Covid-19 this time Nepal

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Last year, when Nepal faced the first wave of the coronavirus, not many children were reported to have contracted the virus; thanks to the prolonged lockdown, school closure, and other restrictive measures that kept the infection rate low among children.

However, the second wave of the pandemic is showing a different trend. While youths and adults, aged between 20 and 40 years, have been infected the most, the virus has been detected in those under 19 as well, reported The Kathmandu Post.

Data from the Health Ministry show, 3,227 children have tested positive for the coronavirus in Nepal throughout the country over the last 16 days, including a two-month-old infant.

Dr. Surjit Shrestha, a pediatrician, speaking to The Kathmandu Post, said, “In the majority of cases, the problems may be sorted out by taking home remedies or some common drugs like paracetamol, but what should not be forgotten is that doctors should be consulted immediately if the condition starts to worsen or fever continues even 48 hours after taking paracetamol.”

However, they need less hospitalization in comparison to the other age group. Just 10 percent of those testing positive among children require admission in hospitals, the report says.