London: Ongoing environmental changes are transforming forests worldwide, resulting in shorter and younger trees with broad impacts on global ecosystems, scientists say. more
China-Pakistan's decision to construct Diamer-Bhasha Dam may led to ecological disaster: Experts warn 

Islamabad: Pakistan and its all-weather ally China's move of building the Diamer-Bhasha Dam in the Gilgit-Baltistan region may cause a major ecological disaster, experts have warned. ...

COVID-19 crisis causes 17 percent drop in global carbon emissions: Study

New York: The COVID-19 global lockdown has had an “extreme” effect on daily carbon emissions, but it is unlikely to last - according to a new analysis by an international team ...

Modern sea-level rise is linked to human activities : Study

New research by Rutgers scientists reaffirms that modern sea-level rise is linked to human activities and not to changes in Earth’s orbit.

Philippines typhoon recovery, complicated by coronavirus concerns

New York : As Typhoon Vongfong slammed the Philippines on Thursday, tens of thousands of people fled to cramped shelters, raising fears that without proper safety precautions in place, ev ...

NASA’s ICESat-2 measures Arctic Ocean's Sea ice thickness, snow cover

Washington/IBNS: Arctic sea ice helps keep Earth cool, as its bright surface reflects the Sun’s energy back into space.

‘Near-unlivable’ heat for one-third of humans within 50 years if greenhouse gas emissions are not cut, warns study

Washington : Areas of the planet home to one-third of humans will become as hot as the hottest parts of the Sahara within 50 years, unless greenhouse gas emissions fall, according to rese ...

COVID-19 could help turn the tide on ocean health in Asia-Pacific

New York : The COVID-19 pandemic could help turn the tide on the well-being of oceans in the Asia-Pacific region, according to a UN report published on Wednesday.

Battle ‘not yet over’ against locust invasions in East Africa and Yemen

New York : Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and other challenges, significant gains have been made against Desert Locust encroachment in East Africa and Yemen, with an estimated 720,000 tonn ...

Shrinking snowcaps fuel harmful algal blooms in Arabian Sea: Study

New York: A uniquely resilient organism all but unheard of in the Arabian Sea 20 years ago has been proliferating and spreading at an alarming pace, forming thick, malodorous green swirls ...