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Apple announces its Vision Pro to be launched in nine countries this month

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Apple announces its Vision Pro to be launched in nine countries this month Apple

Photo Courtesy: apple website

Apple recently announced Apple Vision Pro will expand to new countries and regions, with pre-orders for China mainland, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore beginning this Friday, June 14, at 6 a.m. local time and availability beginning Friday, June 28.

Customers in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom can pre-order Vision Pro beginning Friday, June 28, at 5 a.m. local time, with availability beginning Friday, July 12. 

Vision Pro seamlessly blends digital content with the physical world to deliver powerful spatial experiences that transform the way people work, collaborate, connect, relive memories, enjoy entertainment, and much more.

“The enthusiasm for Apple Vision Pro has been extraordinary, and we are thrilled to introduce the magic of spatial computing to more customers around the world,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “We can’t wait for more people to see the impossible become possible, whether working and collaborating with an infinite canvas for apps, reliving treasured memories in three dimensions, watching TV shows and movies in a one-of-a-kind personal cinema, or enjoying brand-new spatial experiences that defy imagination.”

A Revolutionary Spatial Computer

Apple Vision Pro is powered by visionOS, a revolutionary operating system, intuitive spatial user interface, and magical input system that users navigate with their eyes, hands, and voice. visionOS is built upon decades of engineering and design innovation in iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, and works seamlessly with Apple’s ecosystem of hardware, software, and services to deliver a delightful experience across users’ favourite Apple devices.

Users interact with apps by simply looking at them and tapping their fingers together. They can also speak to dictate text, use the virtual keyboard to type, and ask Siri to open and close apps, play media, answer questions, and more.

The infinite canvas frees apps from the boundaries of a physical display, so they can appear side by side at any scale, providing users with the ultimate workspace for productivity, collaboration, and entertainment.

 Environments — stunning, dynamic landscapes like Haleakalā, Joshua Tree, Yosemite, and even the moon — are designed to help users focus, reduce visual clutter, and enjoy immersive experiences.

With visionOS 2, available as a free software update this fall, all Apple Vision Pro users will gain access to even more features that enhance how they engage with spatial computing, including a powerful way to transform photos into 3D memories; intuitive hand gestures to easily access the Home View and important information at a glance; new capabilities for Mac Virtual Display, Travel Mode, and Guest User; enhancements to Mindfulness, Safari, and the Apple TV app; and much more.

A Robust Catalog of Apps, Games, and Experiences

The App Store now features more than 2,000 apps designed for Apple Vision Pro; more than 1.5 million compatible iOS and iPadOS apps; and even more apps on Mac using Mac Virtual Display that work seamlessly alongside one another.1 The unique capabilities of Vision Pro, paired with apps built by Apple’s worldwide developer community, make it a remarkably versatile device for users.
An Enormous, Private, and Portable Workspace

Leading business and productivity apps — including Box, Craft, Fantastical, MindNode, Slack, Things 3, Webex, Zoom, and apps from Microsoft 365 — help users collaborate with colleagues and accomplish everyday tasks.

Users can also supercharge their productivity with utility apps such as AirLauncher, GlanceBar, Splitscreen, Screens 5, and Widgetsmith — and by pairing Bluetooth accessories, such as Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, and with visionOS 2 later this year, Magic Mouse.

An Unmatched Personal Cinema

Top streaming services are available on Apple Vision Pro, including Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ with Hulu, Max, Peacock, Paramount+ with Showtime, Pluto TV, and Tubi.2 The Apple TV app features all Apple Originals from Apple TV+, and more than 250 3D movies, with select titles available to Apple TV+ subscribers at no additional cost.

Vision Pro users can enjoy more streaming and online video services through apps like IMAX, Juno, Supercut, and Television, or through Safari. Apps that support SharePlay and spatial Persona allow multiple users to watch together, as if they’re in the same physical space.

A Front-Row Seat and Personal Scoreboard for Sports

With apps from major sports leagues and brands — including the NBA, MLS, MLB, NHL, PGA TOUR, The Masters, UFC, World Surf League, and Red Bull TV — Apple Vision Pro users have the opportunity to watch games and follow athletes like never before.

Features like multiview, real-time player and game stats, live object mapping, and more bring the benefits of a physical scoreboard or second screen right into view. Fans can also follow live local, national, and international sports with apps from top cable services and sports broadcasters.

An Incredible Gaming Device

Users can explore thousands of fun games, including more than 250 titles with Apple Arcade. New spatial games and content updates launch on Apple Arcade regularly, with recent releases such as Alto’s Odyssey — The Lost City, Crossy Road Castle, and Where Cards Fall, alongside spatial games on the App Store, such as the 2024 Apple Design Award-winning Blackbox, Loóna, and DapTap.

Popular immersive games, like Job Simulator, shine on Apple Vision Pro, allowing players to simply use their eyes and hands to simulate various professions, like a gourmet chef or store clerk.

Players can also access iPad and iPhone games, PC and console games using apps like Steam Link, and even more games on Mac — which are all compatible with PlayStation DualSense and Xbox Wireless controllers.

Apple Vision Pro introduces Apple Immersive Video, a storytelling format that leverages 3D 8K video with a 180-degree field of view and Spatial Audio to transport viewers to the center of the action. The Apple TV app is home to a growing slate of Apple Immersive films and series, while the App Store features unique immersive and interactive experiences, including Encounter Dinosaurs, GUCCI’s film Who Is Sabato De Sarno? A Gucci Story, and the recently launched What If…? An Immersive Story from Marvel Studios and ILM Immersive.

This month, developers around the world are launching new apps and games for Apple Vision Pro, including DingTalk, DouYin, Migu Video, Taobao, Tencent Video, and Weibo in China mainland and Hong Kong; apps from Yahoo! JAPAN, LIFULL HOMES, U-Next, and Nikkei in Japan; and Singtel CAST, Starhub TV+, and meWATCH in Singapore — all available from day one. More apps will launch on Vision Pro next month, including MUBI and Soul Spire in the United Kingdom; Canal+, Foxar, OQEE, and SeLoger in France; BILD, OTTO, and ZDF in Germany; Classix and Sportsnet in Canada; and Domain in Australia.

Additionally, global productivity tools like apps from Microsoft 365, entertainment services like Disney+, and more will be available in many of these countries and regions at launch.

Businesses across industries are embracing spatial computing, with more than half of the Fortune 100 companies having purchased Apple Vision Pro to develop innovative solutions for their organisations and customers, including apps to collaborate on 3D designs, deliver specialised employee training, guide remote fieldwork, and much more. Vision Pro is also unlocking new opportunities for healthcare professionals and medical institutions in areas such as clinical education, surgical planning, medical imaging, and behavioral health.

Unrivaled Hardware Design and Innovation

Apple Vision Pro is designed to deliver phenomenal compute performance in a compact, wearable form factor. The ultra-high-resolution display system uses micro-OLED technology to pack 23 million pixels into two displays, each the size of a postage stamp, delivering more pixels than a 4K TV to each eye. The advanced Spatial Audio system uses two individually amplified drivers to deliver Personalised Spatial Audio, creating the feeling that sounds are coming from the space around the user. Vision Pro also features a high-performance eye tracking system for responsive, intuitive input, and EyeSight helps users stay connected to the people around them.

Vision Pro is powered by Apple silicon in a unique dual-chip design. M2 delivers powerful standalone performance, while the first-of-its-kind R1 chip processes input from 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones to ensure that content feels like it’s appearing right in front of the user’s eyes.

Apple Vision Pro Embodies Apple’s Values

As with all Apple products, Apple’s values are embedded into Apple Vision Pro:

Powerful accessibility features are built into visionOS. VoiceOver, Zoom, Color Filters, Switch Control, Guided Access, and more have been reimagined for spatial computing. Users can select a preferred input method with Pointer Control and Dwell Control, and enable eye tracking with one dominant eye. Later this year, visionOS will support systemwide Live Captions, and additional Made for iPhone hearing devices and cochlear hearing processors.

Education apps offer all-new ways to learn. New apps like Art Universe, Beautiful Things, Complete HeartX, JigSpace, LookUp Dictionary, Museas, Pocket Rocket, and Sky Guide are designed to help users gain new perspectives about art, history, science, space, and more with immersive scenes and volumetric objects.

Apple Vision Pro offers industry-leading privacy and security. Optic ID analyses a user’s iris to unlock Apple Vision Pro, autofill passwords, and complete payments with Apple Pay. Where a user looks while navigating Vision Pro stays private, and eye tracking information is not shared with Apple, third-party apps, or websites.

Apple Vision Pro and the Environment

Apple Vision Pro is designed with 100 percent recycled rare earth elements in all magnets, and 100 percent recycled tin soldering and gold plating in multiple printed circuit boards.

Vision Pro meets Apple’s high standards for energy efficiency, and is free of mercury, brominated flame retardants, PVC, and beryllium.

The packaging is 100 percent fibre-based, bringing Apple closer to its goal of eliminating plastics in all packaging by 2025.

Today, Apple is carbon neutral for its global corporate operations, and by 2030, plans to be carbon neutral across the entire manufacturing supply chain and life cycle of every product.

Pricing and Availability

Apple Vision Pro will be available at all Apple Store locations in China mainland, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the U.K., and the U.S., and the Apple Store online, starting at $3,499 (U.S.), with 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage capacities.

Customers in China mainland, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore will be able to pre-order Apple Vision Pro beginning Friday, June 14, at 6 a.m. local time, with availability beginning Friday, June 28.

Customers in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the U.K. will be able to pre-order Apple Vision Pro beginning Friday, June 28, at 5 a.m. local time, with availability beginning Friday, July 12.

Apple Vision Pro comes with visionOS 1.2, with support for languages in these countries and regions. visionOS 2 will be available to all Apple Vision Pro users as a free software update this fall.

Customers can purchase Apple Vision Pro by visiting the Apple Store online, Apple Store app, or an Apple Store location with personalised support from Apple Specialists. Customers will be able to book a 30-minute demo of Vision Pro online. More information about demos will be shared when pre-orders open.

When customers order Apple Vision Pro, they will complete a face scan using an iPhone or iPad with Face ID that has the latest version of the Apple Store app. This scan helps users find the optimal Light Seal and head band sizes to provide a precise fit.

Apple Vision Pro comes with a Solo Knit Band, a Dual Loop Band, a personalised Light Seal with two Light Seal Cushions, an Apple Vision Pro Cover, Polishing Cloth, Battery, USB-C Charge Cable, and USB-C Power Adapter.

For users who require vision correction, Apple partnered with ZEISS to develop ZEISS Optical Inserts that magnetically attach to Apple Vision Pro, allowing users to take full advantage of the display’s incredible sharpness and clarity.5 ZEISS Optical Inserts — Readers will be available for $99 (U.S.), and ZEISS Optical Inserts — Prescription will be available for $149 (U.S.).

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case will be available for $199 (U.S.).

AppleCare+ for Apple Vision Pro will be available for $499 (U.S.).