Copenhagen: The Denmark parliament is considering a resolution to support Taiwan's bid to return to the World Health Organization, a step that might annoy China. more
Defence law revisions in China pushes Beijing closer to war, says think tank

Beijing: A think-tank in Taiwan has said a recent amendments to its National Defense Law indicates that Beijing has shifted its defense strategy to a more pre-emptive posture, making it m ...

US envoy to UN plans to visit Taiwan: Beijing targets Washington

Beijing: China has targeted the USA over the announcement of its ambassador to UN Kelly Craft's proposed visit to Taiwan and said the announcement seriously violates the one-China pri ...

Think tank warns China is waging cognitive warfare against Taiwan

Beijing: China is  waging “cognitive warfare” against Taiwan by using tools like misinformation and an army of online trolls, a think tank has alerted.

US tentatively approves sale of military equipment worth $280mln to Taiwan

Washington/Sputnik: The Pentagon's Defense Security Cooperation Agency has announced a possible sale of military communications equipment to Taiwan, saying it would help bolster the E ...

Taiwan govt asks Australia to help defend against China's 'expansionism'

Canberra: Amid worsening relationship between China and Australia, Taiwan has called upon Canberra to stand up for democracy and help defend the disputed island territory against threats ...

Taiwan condemns arrest of pan-democratic Hong Kong district councilors

Taipei: Taiwan has condemned the arrest of two pan-democratic Hong Kong district councilors.

Taiwan rejects renewal of pro-China news channel’s licence

Taipei: Taiwan's regulators have rejected  the license renewal for pro-China Chung T'ien Television's news channel CTi News, media reports said.

Beijing should not deprive Hong Kong's political rights: Taiwan Parliament Group

The Taiwan Parliament Group for Hong Kong has said China should immediately stop all actions that deprive Hong Kongers of their political rights and freedom of speech.

China asks US to stop boosting relationship with Taiwan

Beijing: China is irked by the decision taken by US and Taiwan to commence economic talks and said Beijing opposes official exchanges between the two nations.