New York: Corruption is not only a crime but immoral and the “ultimate betrayal” of public trust, the UN Secretary-General has said, calling on everyone to work together and stamp out the global scourge, in all its forms. more
Weeding corruption out of sport an investment in development: UN crime-fighting agency

New York: Sports scandals, including allegations of endemic corruption and the involvement of organized crime, threaten to undermine the sector’s potential to contribute to peace an ...

Tackling corruption ‘from the top down’ essential, declares UN chief, marking key global treaty

New York: Corruption and complicity know no geographical boundaries, and it is society’s most vulnerable who get hurt the most, senior United Nations officials said on Wednesday, ca ...

Pressure mounts on South African President Jacob Zuma to step down

Cape Town: Amid talks with senior members of ANC party, pressure has started to grow on South President  President Jacob Zuma to resign, media reports said.