As many as 19, out of the 44 journalists, imprisoned in China in 2023 were from the Uyghur community. more
Uyghur inmates in a Chinese prison forced to work for 12-14 hours in vast fields

A large number of Uyghur inmates in Xinjiang's Keriye Prison are forced to work for  12-14 hours a day in vast fields of red dates called jujubes, media reports said.

Rahile Dawut: US condemns China for handing down life sentence to Uyghur academic

The US State Department has condemned China for handing down a life sentence to Uyghur academic Rahile Dawut.

Bangladesh: Protests held across Dhaka, Narayanganj over Chinese atrocities against Uyghurs

Dhaka: Bangladesh recently witnessed protests in Dhaka and Narayanganj where participants participated in rallies demanding justice for Uyghur Muslims in China's Xinjiang province.

Rights experts warn against forced separation of Uyghur children in China

Forced separations and language policies for Uyghur and other minority Muslim children at State-run boarding schools in China’s Xinjiang region carry the risk of forced assimilation ...

Rahile Dawut: Uyghur scholar sentenced to life in prison in China for ' endangering state security'

Chinese authorities have jailed a prominent Uyghur academic for "endangering state security", media reports said.

China using Uyghur woman to spread propaganda among locals in Pakistan: Report

China is trying to use local Uyghurs as a part of its propaganda tool to showcase the happy face of the community among Pakistani people.

Yarkand massacre: World Uyghur Congress marks ninth anniversary

On the ninth anniversary of the Yarkand massacre, the World Uyghur Congress remembered all those who were killed during and in the aftermath of the July 28, 2014 incident.

Uyghurs to mark Urumqi massacre, demonstrate outside Chinese Embassy in Washington

Members of a non-profit organization, based in the US capital Washington DC, will protest outside the Chinese Embassy in the city to mark Urumqi Massacre.

Lack of attention given to Uyghurs’ situation is disturbing: Reports

Beijing: Uyghurs continue to be persecuted by Chinese authorities but people are not paying enough attention to this extreme human rights violation which is making the situation “di ...