About North Korean workers who recently occupied a factory last month to protest over unpaid wages took a monitoring officer hostage, media reports said. more
Chinese police arrest 200 Christians during village raid

Chinese Police recently raided a gathering of Christian villagers and arrested at least 200 people for allegedly joining a church that refused to abide by a theological doctrine promoted ...

China: Female serial killer Lao Rongzhi executed

China executed a female serial killer, who was accused of murdering seven people, by the death penalty on Monday (December 18, 2023).

Hong Kong authorities put bounties for several self-exiled activists, UK, US condemn

The US and the UK have condemned Hong Kong authorities for putting a bounty on several self-exiled activists.

Abolish coercive boarding schools in Tibet: European Parliament tells China

The European Parliament has urged China to abolish coercive boarding school system that has isolated more than  1 million Tibetan children from their families, language and culture, ...

Persecution of Christian communities at the hands of Chinese Communist Party

Christian communities in China have endured enduring persecution at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), compelling them to congregate clandestinely in underground churches.

Taiwanese artists fighting hard to counter Chinese bullying

 Music in Taiwan today is not just for ears but has also become a medium to express right to freedom.

China's dark shadow: Forced repatriation of North Korean escapees sparks international outcry

In a recent meeting between South Korea's Foreign Minister, Park Jin, and the U.S. Special Envoy for North Korean Human Rights Issues, Julie Turner, a veiled warning was issued to Chi ...

Uyghur inmates in a Chinese prison forced to work for 12-14 hours in vast fields

A large number of Uyghur inmates in Xinjiang's Keriye Prison are forced to work for  12-14 hours a day in vast fields of red dates called jujubes, media reports said.

Rahile Dawut: US condemns China for handing down life sentence to Uyghur academic

The US State Department has condemned China for handing down a life sentence to Uyghur academic Rahile Dawut.