Global Headlines
Moscow: Russian citizen Viktor Bout was exchanged for US basketball player Brittney Griner at the Abu Dhabi airport, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced. more
US: Biden administration designates 4 Al-Qaeda, Taliban leaders as global terrorists

Washignton: The United States has designated two leaders of al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) and two of the Tehrik i Taliban Pakistan (TTP) movement in Afghanistan as global ter ...

US: Mass shooting at gay club in Colorado Springs leaves five people dead

Colorado Springs: At least five people were killed in a mass shooting incident at a  gay nightclub in Colorado Springs region of the US on Saturday, media reports said.

Taiwan to top agenda in Xi-Biden meeting: Media

Washington: Taiwan is expected to top the agenda when US President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping meet next week, media reports say.

China’s rocket booster falls from space and crash lands, US slams

Washington: Debris of a Chinese rocket booster plunged uncontrolled back to Earth on Friday morning, attracting criticism from the US government.

Kim Jong-un wants US' attention: Report

London : North Korea is deliberately ramping up tensions with its neighbours. analysts think it is building to something bigger, such as a nuclear test, or a full long-range ballistic mis ...

US charges alleged Chinese spies

Washington: Two Chinese nationals have been charged with paying thousands of dollars in cash and jewellery to obstruct a federal investigation into a major telecommunications company.

US: 80-year-old man man arrested at Capitol with guns in his van

Washington: An 80-year-old man was arrested by the police after he  illegally parked on the grounds of the US Capitol in Washington and three guns were found from his possession.

Republicans demand answers from Biden officials on reports of presence of Chinese police in New York City

Washington: Several Republican House lawmakers sent a letter to Biden Cabinet Secretaries Antony Blinken and Merrick Garland and demanded a response on reported Chinese police presence in ...