The public health risk from COVID-19 remains high, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Friday. more
WHO warns COVID-19 infections are rising fast globally

The UN health agency WHO confirmed on Friday that coronavirus numbers are spiking globally and that we “should expect more cases” in the coming winter months in the northern h ...

Study reveals ongoing brain injury caused by COVID-19 may not always be detected by routine tests

A new study published December 22 in Nature Communications details that markers of brain injury are present in the blood many months after COVID-19 infection, despite inflammation blood t ...

China experiencing spike in children suffering from respiratory illnesses

Hospitals in northern China and the capital Beijing are witnessing a surge in children suffering from respiratory illnesses.

Updated guidelines on COVID-19 revise risk of hospitalisation

The World Health Organization (WHO) has updated its guidelines on COVID-19 treatment, with revised recommendations for non-severe cases of the disease.

Katalin Kariko, Drew Weissman clinch Nobel Prize in medicine for their work in mRNA COVID-19 vaccines

Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman got the Nobel Prize for Medicine for developing effective mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 since the pandemic started in 2020.

Refusal to waive IP rights for COVID-19 vaccines violates human rights: Experts

UN rights experts called on States in the global North on Thursday to forgo intellectual property rights on COVID-19 vaccines and treatments in the name of human rights.

With COVID-19 ‘here to stay’, new tools essential to continue fight: Tedros

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday announced an expanded partnership to improve access to COVID-19 technology, knowledge and clinical data, stressing the fight against the vir ...

Study reveals COVID-19 may trigger new-onset high blood pressure

Dallas: An analysis of electronic medical records for more than 45,000 people found that COVID-19 infection was significantly associated with the development of high blood pressure, accor ...

Scientists rushing to track highly mutated BA.2.86 coronavirus variant found in four countries

Scientists are tracking a highly mutated variant of the virus which causes COVID-19 to understand the extent it can spread or the manner in which it can react against human immunity.