Climate Change
New York: The UN Human Rights Committee found on Friday that Australia’s failure to adequately protect indigenous Torres Islanders against climate change impacts, has violated their rights to enjoy their culture, free from “arbitrary interference” with their private life, family and home. more
China to witness more heatwaves and drought-like situations in coming years: Study

Beijing: China, which witnessed harsh heatwaves from June to August this year, will experience more moderate to severe drought-like situations in coming years with their direct impact on ...

Climate change impacts ‘heading into uncharted territory’, warns UN chief

New York: “Climate science is clear: we are heading in the wrong direction”, declares a major, multi-agency UN climate science report released on Tuesday, with a focus on incr ...

Pollution and climate change upsurge the risk of ‘climate penalty’

New York: A rise in the frequency, intensity and duration of heatwaves will not only increase wildfires this century but also worsen air quality – harming human health and ecosystem ...

UN General Assembly declares access to clean and healthy environment a universal human right

New York: With 161 votes in favour, and eight abstentions*, the UN General Assembly adopted a historic resolution on Thursday, declaring access to a clean, healthy and sustainable environ ...

Mega-drought, glacier melt, and deforestation plague Latin America and the Caribbean

New York: From the Amazon to the Andes and the snowy depths of Patagonia, extreme weather and climate change are causing mega-drought, extreme rainfall, deforestation and glacier melt acr ...

Extreme heat hits Europe, WMO warns of frequent heatwaves in decades ahead

London/Paris: A large section of Europe is fighting extreme heat conditions as temperature is touching record high in many countries in recent days, media reports said.

Record 40°C UK temperatures linked to climate change: WMO

New York: The chances of seeing unprecedented temperatures of 40 degree Celsius (40°C) or more in the UK could be up to 10 times more likely in the current climate than under a &ldquo ...

UK issues red warning for extreme heat

London/UNI/Xinhua: The UK Met Office on Friday issued a red warning for extreme heat, the highest-level alert, the alert covers parts of England next Monday and Tuesday.  

Melting of glaciers in Tibet is threat to region: Report

The melting glaciers of Tibet have emerged as a new challenge for the region which depends on it for water.