Senior Legal Officer


Organization Name: Partners in Justice International
Location: Regional / Global
Apply email: Not Specified
Start Date: 05 Dec 2023, 03:27 pm
Closing Date: 04 Jan 2024, 12:00 am

PJI is looking for an experienced international crimes prosecutor or victim representative (a lawyer) with an expertise in case building and litigation. The Senior Legal Officer will assist PJI in providing guidance and support to local partners building potential crimes against humanity cases in connection with PJI’s North Korea project.

In coordination with other members of the PJI legal team, the Senior Legal Officer will carry out training and accompaniment support for local documenters, investigators, analysts, and lawyers in the process of investigating and case-building with respect to potential international crimes committed in North Korea.

Senior Legal Officer Specific Responsibilities

Training and Capacity Bridging: The Senior Legal Officer will assist in planning and executing training workshops and other capacity-bridging work with local partners, which may include creating or revising legal tools, reviewing evidence local justice actors have collected, reviewing complex data analysis conducted by partners and PJI’s Legal Analyst, and otherwise provide responses to the immediate technical needs of the team. The Senior Legal Officer will assist in providing guidance and support to local partners on data analysis in connection with case-building, on identifying patterns of criminal activity, and on construction of legal dossiers or evidence packages based on identified patterns. The Senior Legal Officer may craft and adapt tools for investigation, evidentiary analysis, and courtroom presentation in accordance with national and international legal frameworks, proactively identify leads, advise the team about potential sources of evidence, take notes during confidential sessions with partners, and other similar tasks.

Research: The Senior Legal Officer will conduct and supervise factual and legal research and writing, including analyzing political and legal issues in jurisdictions relevant for the project. The Senior Legal Officer will keep current with the most recent developments in the general field of international criminal law and relevant human rights law. The Senior Legal Officer will keep adequate files and complete reports as requested.

Education and Outreach: The Senior Legal Officer will participate in education and outreach activities, which may include creating, preparing, and presenting reports, presentations, and briefings on criminal evidence collection, analysis, and case-building, drafting and reviewing program reports as well as website materials about the North Korea project, participating in outreach efforts to advance public and local awareness of PJI and its mission or of the North Korea project, and attending meetings with stakeholders such as UN and Embassy officials or local practitioners. The Senior Legal Officer may assist in the selection and supervision of legal fellows and interns.

Administrative Responsibilities

All members of the PJI team, regardless of position, are responsible for fulfilling certain administrative responsibilities such as providing emergency contact information, submitting time sheets, and providing receipts for reimbursement of work-related expenses.

How to apply
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