Senior Manager – Partnerships, Resource Mobilization and Advocacy


Organization Name: Financing Alliance for Health
Location: Regional / Global
Apply email: Not Specified
Start Date: 01 Oct 2023, 06:16 am
Closing Date: 28 Oct 2023, 12:00 am

Position Title: Senior Manager – Partnerships, Resource Mobilization and Advocacy

Reports to: Head of Operations and Risk

Travel: Frequent travel required (~20% of the time)

Location: Flexible

Are you interested in helping lead an entrepreneurial effort aimed at changing paradigms in international development, and in true partnerships with governments to reduce donor dependency and increase financial sustainability? Would you be excited to leverage your private sector background to help finance health systems? Do you get energy from working with different stakeholders – ranging from Wall Street banking institutions to ministries of health and finance to UN agencies? Are you looking to join a team of partners that are committed, experienced, and fun to work with? Then you should explore this leadership role with the Financing Alliance for Health


Financing Alliance for Health (FAH), partners with the government on all steps of financing to strengthen, and sustain community health systems, leveraging primary health care to attain universal health coverage. (FAH partners long- term with Ministries of Health and Ministries of Finance teams to develop different and changing financing sources). FAH draws on private sector knowledge of financial structuring and access to private sector and development finance opportunities to increase and diversify funding options for governments to scale and sustain community health systems.

The aim of our work is to increase access, coverage and utilization of quality primary health services at household level, in a culturally appropriate manner so as to reduce morbidity and mortality. Community health systems have a proven track record of economic, social and health impact through the thousands of jobs created for predominantly female, marginalized and young community health workers (CHWs).

In early 2015, UN Special Envoy Ray Chambers and Prime Minister Hailemariam of Ethiopia convened a high-level group to assess financing and scale-up of Community Health Worker (CHW) programs in Africa. At the Financing for Development event in July, the group launched a report that outlined the case for investment in CHWs, existing and new CHW financing mechanisms, pathways for financing CHW programs, and principles of best-practice CHW systems.

The report recommended creation of a ‘financing support unit’ (now called the ‘Financing Alliance for Health’) to help countries access financing for health systems (and community health in particular), given the complexity of the funding landscape, the challenges of utilizing domestic resources, and the difficulty of capitalizing on available funding opportunities. This Financing Alliance would also be charged with identifying and tapping into private sector financing and developing new, creative and ‘out-of-the-box’ models of ‘blended’ financing that combine domestic and international support with private sources of capital, including from corporations.

The FAH (through support from its partners) soft-launched its activities in January 2016 in the four anticipated “business lines” of the Alliance: (1) Country support: the team launched a pilot project in Liberia, which culminated in a set of recommendations to the Ministry of Health of Liberia in December. In addition, the Financing Alliance is supporting work in Sierra Leone, Uganda, Malawi, South Africa and has been asked to consider supporting a number of additional developing countries (2) Analytical toolkit: Refining toolkits to support country costs, investment cases, and financing pathways. (3) Financing products/modalities: Cataloging existing options while building new tools; and (4) Market building/awareness and education: developing funding baseline, country case studies, and advocacy.

Our Core Values

• Respect and trust as the basis of our relationships
• Challenging and disrupting the status quo for impact
• Curios, passionate and effective in our approach
• Driven to support the well-being of communities


The Africa Frontline First (AFF) Initiative is a collaborative initiative that supports the scaling and strengthening of integrated and sustainable community health delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Under the leadership of H.E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Financing Alliance for Health, Last Mile Health, Community Health Acceleration Partnership, and Community Health Impact Coalition are currently the key driving partners of AFF. Through unique partnerships between governments, donors, implementers, and technical allies, AFF will support ten countries in Sub-Saharan Africa in building high-functioning, resilient, country-led community health service delivery systems. These systems will include an expanded and institutionalized workforce of 200,000 community health workers across the 10 countries by 2030. AFF works cross three pillars:

• Financing: Advocate, design and support implementation of sustainable funding mechanisms that enable transformed financing
• Political will: Cultivate regional political will and champions to support accelerating community health reforms, including domestic financing.
• Community engagement: Foster peer-to-peer learning to optimize country-led community health performance supported by technical partners.

Anchored within their local context and health reform journey of each participating country, this support from AFF will help them:

• Reduce excess morbidity and Advance prevention, vaccination, testing, and treatment to reduce the impact of COVID-19, malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS, and support maternal and child health.
• Advance health security. Bolster integrated digital disease surveillance in the community health workforce to monitor, quickly detect, and respond to emergent infectious disease threats.
• Accelerate economic Build a compensated workforce of trained, supplied, digitally equipped, and supervised community health workers–especially women–who contribute to the formal economy.


The Financing Alliance for Health CEO, Board and the Africa Frontline First Collaborative are seeking a highly skilled- multi functional, proactive, results-oriented, and entrepreneurial Senior Manager – Partnerships, Resource Mobilization and Advocacy with a passion for global health financing and affinity for partnerships, resource mobilization and willing to excel in a highly entrepreneurial environment. The incumbent will report to the Head of Operations and Risk, and will play a key role in partnership development, resource mobilization goals for community health systems in Africa, and providing oversight in the Communications and Impact functions.

He/She will develop approaches, pathways, and changes towards integrated, and long-term financing for community health systems whilst strengthening and aligning government engaged- focused collaboration within FAH. In addition, he/she will provide leadership and engage with internal and external stakeholders around the promotion of advocacy and government influence.

Reporting to the Head of Operations and Risk, the incumbent will identify and build funding relationships with public (bilateral and multilateral) donors in Africa (in-country and regional missions) and lead the grants management process at the FAH. In the short to medium term, the Senior Manager – Partnerships, Resource Mobilization and Advocacy will be expected to focus on the following priority areas:

1. Build and develop strategic partnerships within the global health financing landscape to ensure the successful implementation of the funded community healthcare programs.
2. Develop mechanisms and relationships to support the realization of the Africa Frontline First initiative – financing scale-up of CHW systems in 10 countries by 2030.


• Drive major paradigm shifts in global health towards funding integrated, localized health
• Leverage relationships to co-shape new financing mechanisms and approaches
• Support the realization of AFF by shaping the partnership
• Represent FAH in various global health
• Position FAH as a collaborative partner with civil society organizations, foundations, embassies, academic and healthcare institutions.
• Lead in identification and development of new strategic partnerships and fundraising strategy, working collaboratively to align with the overall strategy and to create shared value and impact.
• Support Africa Frontline First Initiative resource mobilization efforts to drive health systems strengthening
• Lead and manage significant long-term partnerships with the private and public sector, development banks, financial institutions, and key implementing partners within the health sector.
• Work closely with the Partnerships and Communications team to ensure delivery of high-quality, accurate, and timely grant proposal/renewals, due diligence, and other donor communication materials.


For Financing Alliance for Health (~50%)


• Identify opportunities and leverage relationships to increase and diversify FAH’s funding partners to include multi-year bi/multi-lateral and private sector Oversight of timely and accurate reporting of funds received.


• Co-develop and co-lead the implementation of FAH partnership strategy to increase FAH’s external partner engagement.
• Identify and build strategic alliances and partnerships to support FAH’s thought leadership
• Lead in acquisition, negotiation and maintenance of funding and implementing
• Drive partner relationship management efforts to maintain and grow existing partner
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to structure and execute FAH’s initiatives and
• Build staff capacities and sensitization on partnerships and resource mobilization


• Refine and disseminate FAH’s story in different formats to strengthen our positioning as the go to community health financing experts globally.
• Oversee and improve the consistency, conciseness, and creativity of the FAH ‘s communication
• Oversee and facilitate ongoing content development and engagement by publishing reports, highlighting success stories, and communicating FAH’s impact/overall results.
• Oversee management of FAH website, knowledge hub, social media


• Lead the partnerships team in developing and proposing viable business models for FAH to ensure our long-term sustainability.


• Track, identify and represent FAH in strategic platforms/events. Run relevant campaigns to raise the profile of community health systems, workers, and their funding.

Team management:

• Provide leadership, mentorship, and oversight of the partnerships team

For Africa Frontline First (~50%)

• Fundraising: Collaborate with the AFF Chief Operating Officer and AFF team in co-development of the financing solutions and then leading the identifying and securing of funders for the Africa Frontline First.
• Advocacy: Collaborating with the AFF advocacy team to share the AFF story and elevate its


The Senior Manager – Partnerships, Resource Mobilization and Advocacy will work alongside the Head of Operations and Risk, Chief Executive Officer, Head of Country Programs, AFF- Chief Operating Officer, and Country Investment & Knowledge Director to support their work in countries and in partnership with Development Finance Institutions/Investors.


Professional Experience

• Minimum eight years of non-profit/government executive management experience, preferably in the healthcare or community development sectors with strong content knowledge of global health, PHC, and community health.
• Significant and demonstrable relationships and inroads with major bi-laterals and multilaterals to assist in developing approaches and driving pathways and change towards integrated, and long-term financing for community health systems and governments.
• Considerable experience navigating large governments (both bilateral and multilateral) and global health institutions (the likes of USAID, UNICEF, WORLD BANK, EUROPEAN UNION, BMGF and WHO), large private foundations, philanthropic funders, and individual donors as well as the private sector.
• Public sector experience is critical with an excellent understanding of government processes, structures and systems, domestic and international advocacy with a well-developed ability to broker the correct institutional
• Demonstrated experience in developing and executing fundraising and advocacy
• Demonstrated ability to design and execute large, multi-stakeholder
• Ability to take previously established community health financing solutions and refine them, to make the case for these financing solutions and communicate them articulately to internal and external
• Culturally nuanced, well networked, respected, and reputable leader with extensive experience across multiple countries/regions on the African continent.
• Excellent leadership and management skills – able to engage at different levels within local government, public and private sectors.
• Bilingual – English and French
• Understanding of primary health, community health and universal health

Mission Critical Competencies

• Ensures Accountability – holding self and others accountable for meeting
• Strategic Vision – seeing ahead to future possibilities and translating them into breakthrough
• Navigates Networks – effectively building formal and informal relationships inside and outside the
• Engages and Inspires – creating a climate in which people are motivated to do their best to help the organization achieve its objectives.
• Develops Talent – developing people to meet both their career goals and the organization’s
• Aligns Execution – planning and prioritizing work to meet commitments aligned with organizational
• Persuades – using compelling arguments to gain the support and commitment of
• Manages Conflict – handling conflict situations effectively, with a minimum of
• Global perspective – taking a broad view when approaching issues, using a global
• Balances Stakeholders – anticipating and appreciating the varying needs of all parties invested in

Personal Qualities

• An appreciation of the complexities and challenges of rural community, healthcare, and economic development in the development world
• Outstanding team leadership, communication and relationship building skills, and
• Strong delivery focused approach and can-do attitude
• A collaborative style with the ability to inspire a shared mission throughout an organization, ensure continuous development and empowerment.
• A structured approach where efficiency, consistency, performance, accountability is prevalent


This position offers a competitive compensation package linked to the background and experience of the candidate.


Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Application Requirements

Please submit a resume and cover letter as one pdf document via this link

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

FAH values the diversity of the people it hires and serves within the community. Our diversity is committed to fostering a work environment where individuals’ strengths and uniqueness are recognized, appreciated, respected, and responded to in ways that fully develop their potential.

FAH has a zero-tolerance approach to any harm to, or exploitation of, a vulnerable child or adult by any of our staff, partners, or representatives. We are committed to preventing all undesirable behavior at work. This includes, child abuse and exploitation, sexual harassment, and abuse.

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