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New York: A sustainable and prosperous planet can only be achieved through working together and in solidarity, the UN Deputy Secretary-General said on Wednesday at the end of a major global food security meeting. more
FAO head urges G20 to invest in a healthy planet for healthy food

New York: The head of the UN food relief agency called on the world’s richest nations on Thursday to invest more in sustainable living, to feed the world’s growing population. ...

China tries to find opportunities as Syrian economy lies in ruins

The Chinese government is trying to find some opportunities in the Syrian economy which is fast crumbling.

Pakistan deputes envoys in China to attract investors

Islamabad:  Pakistan has deputed new counselors in China to promote foreign investment in industrialisation under the second phase of the latter-financed economic projects in the sou ...

Bangladesh eagerly waiting for preferential trade agreement with Sri Lanka

Bangladesh is eagerly awaiting a preferential trade agreement with Sri Lanka for a mutually beneficial and robust trade relationship between the two countries supported adequately by stro ...

Amid COVID job losses, ‘high food prices are hunger’s new best friend’, WFP warns

New York: Job losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic combined with high food prices are making it hard for millions of families to get enough to eat, the World Food Programme (WFP) warned ...

Pakistan: Russian gas line project stands in jeopardy

Islamabad:  Pakistan Stream Gas Pipeline (PSGP), also known as North-South Gas Pipeline, is finding a tough situation as the Petroleum Division has started finalizing an alternate ga ...

Chinese banks facing unwanted headache as currency deposits pass US$1 trillion: Reports

Beijing: Analysts have said Chinese commercial banks are facing a massive headache owing to the country's post-coronavirus export boom.

China disliking its millennials' trend of 'lying flat' , do little work

Beijing: The Chinese authorities are not happy with the attitude of the millennials who are lying down and doing as little as possible, according to a New York Times report.

Pakistan: Self-inflicted power crisis blacks out nation

Pakistan government has now signed an agreement to borrow US$ 4.5 billion to alleviate oil and gas shortages that are crippling the economy and people’s livelihoods through power cu ...