Islamabad: A report released by the World Economic Forum has shown Pakistan is the  second-worst country in terms of gender parity. more
More women work in health and care but they earn 24 per cent less than men: UN report

Women working in the health and care sector earn nearly 25 per cent less than their male counterparts – a larger gender pay gap than in other economic sectors, two UN agencies said ...

Pakistan: Hindus protest in front of Zardari House in Nawabshah against ‘abduction’ of their girl

Islamabad: Members of Pakistan's Hindu community protested in front of Zardari House in Nawabshah against what they said was the abduction of a community girl.

In Afghanistan, women take their lives out of desperation, Human Rights Council hears

New York: The situation for women is so desperate in Afghanistan that they are committing suicide at a rate of one or two every day, the Human Rights Council has heard.

Put women’s rights ‘front and centre’ of climate policies: Bachelet

New York: Although climate change threatens everyone, women and girls often suffer its harshest and most violent consequences, UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said on Monday.

Violence against indigenous women, ‘legacy of colonialism’ rooted in racism

New York: Indigenous women and girls face grave, systematic, and continuous acts of violence that permeate every aspect of their lives, a UN-appointed independent rights expert said on We ...

Sex crimes increasing in Pakistan's Lahore city: Reports

Islamabad: Police have started reviewing the overall performance of the Gender-Based Violence Cell since  large number of sexual assaults were reported from Lahore city of Pakistan i ...

Promoting women’s rights, a ‘proven’ strategy for peace and stability

New York: The Women, Peace and Security agenda is “one of our best hopes” for a more peaceful future and a liveable planet, UN Secretary-General António Guterres told t ...

Pakistan: Violence against women in the name of 'so-called' honour

Earlier this month two Pakistani-origin Spanish sisters Arooj Abbas and Aneesa Abbas, were allegedly tortured and shot dead in Nathia village of Gujrat district in Pakistan's Punjab p ...

Pakistan Police start investigating murders of two Spanish sisters as 'honour killing' 

Islamabad: Pakistani police have started investigating the murders of two  Pakistani-Spanish sisters as an "honour killing", media reports said on Sunday.