Global Headlines
Washington: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday said his government will ease internet curbs on Iran to counter Tehran's clampdown on protests which were sparked by a woman's death in police custody leading to 35 deaths in the worst unrest in Iran for years. more
China targeted scientists working in US labs to advance military technologies, claims report

Washington: Strider Technologies, Inc. on Friday released a new report detailing the People’s Republic of China’s decades-long recruitment of leading scientists from the U.S. ...

China: Ex-justice minister Fu Zhenghua jailed on corruption charges

Beijing: China's former justice minister Fu Zhenghua has been jailed due to bribery, media reports said on Friday.

Best-selling author Dame Hilary Mantel dies

Author  Dame Hilary Mantel, who is known for penning down  best-selling Wolf Hall trilogy, has died.

Japan to end restrictions on foreign tourists

Tokyo: Japan will open its doors to foreign tourists, after more than two years of closed borders due to the Covid pandemic. Starting October 11, tourists will be able to visit the countr ...

Argentina: 3 killed in refinery explosion

Buenos Aires: At least three people were killed in an explosion that caused a fire at the New American Oil refinery in the Argentine city of Plaza Huincul in the southern province of Neuq ...

Ukraine crisis: Russians flee after military call-up

Moscow: Russian men are attempting to leave the country to avoid a military call-up for the Ukraine war.

Famine looms in Somalia, but many ‘hunger hotspots’ are in deep trouble

New York: The number of people facing life-threatening levels of hunger worldwide without immediate humanitarian aid, is expected to rise steeply in coming weeks, the UN said on Wednesday ...

Biden denounces Russia’s ‘shameless violation’ of UN Charter, urges world to stand with Ukraine

New York: Strongly denouncing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, United States President Joe Biden warned United Nations Member States on Wednesday that “if a nation can pursue imp ...

Yemen: Marking ‘significant milestone’, UN says stricken tanker salvage operation can begin

New York: The salvage of the ageing supertanker FSO Safer, off the Yemeni coast, can now begin, the UN said on Wednesday, after it announced that more than $75 million has been pledged to ...