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Hong Kong protests: Demonstrators sing and boo Chinese anthem

Just Earth News | @justearthnews | 11 Sep 2019

Hong Kong protests: Demonstrators sing and boo Chinese anthem


Beijing/Hong Kong City: Taking their protests to the sporting arena, Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters on Tuesday booed the Chinese national anthem before the start of a game.

Fans attending a football match drowned out the pre-game Chinese national anthem with loud booing, reported BBC.

The match was being played between Hong Kong and Iran on Tuesday at Hong Kong Stadium.

It was a FIFA World Cup qualifying match.

Protesters have also staged flash events in shopping malls, singing Glory to Hong Kong which has become an unofficial anthem of the movement, reported the British media outlet.

The protesters earned a major achievement last week when the extradition bill, which had triggered the protest, was scrapped.

The protesters are still continuing their agitations as they are now demanding for full democracy and an investigation into allegations of police abuses.

Protests had earlier also taken place at the Hong Kong International Airport and other tourist spots in the city.

The protests are a big challenge to Chinese President Xi Jinping who assumed power seven years ago.

The protesters say they are fighting to preserve the “one country, two systems” arrangement and a promise of freedom under which Hong Kong was returned to China as a specially administered region by the British in 1997.

The bill would have allowed criminal suspects to be sent to mainland China for trial if it would have been passed.