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Podcast Review: 'But You're Not Funny!' sends powerful messages to people across the world

Asha Bajaj | @justearthnews | 14 Feb 2021

Podcast Review: 'But You're Not Funny!' sends powerful messages to people across the world

Los Angeles (USA) :   'But You're Not Funny!' , a new podcast offering comedy, useful life tips, and inspiration, has been launched with each episode of approximately half an hour  featuring a different expert discussing an essential topic such as relationships, sexuality, personal self-defense, building community, and discovering life purpose.

You can hear the podcast on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Amazon/Audible, Spotify, and others - or watch it on YouTube, where it includes visually appealing content as well.

Through these interviews, Bill Hoversten succeeds in sending powerful messages to people across the world and promoting exploration and acceptance of different values and people.

For example, the therapist he interviews sheds light on gender identity, sexual orientation, and how to do relationships right. The couple he interviews explain (and show on YouTube!) how to protect yourself from an attacker in many situations.

And the "Life-Adventurer" (military officer, engineer, pilot, martial artist) describes his work with Homeboy Industries - helping ex-prisoners and gang members return to society.

The audience gets to experience a wealth of diverse people and ideas - but each is introduced with a touch of humor, sometimes drawing from Bill's experience in standup comedy.

It's a unique blend of a light-hearted approach with serious topics.

The experts in Bill's interviews bring to the table their expertise and compassion - and the audience have a chance to vicariously live some truly amazing adventures.

"My mission," says Bill, "is to entertain, inspire, and bring people together."

If "But You're Not Funny!" is any indication, he is succeeding.