Kabul/JEN: The Taliban 'unlawfully' killed 13 members of Hazara ethnic group, including a 17-year-old girl, in Afghanistan's Daykundi province on Aug 30, according to a latest investigation by Amnesty International. more
70 percent media outlets stopped working in Afghanistan amid Taliban takeover: Reports

Kabul:  National Association of Journalists (NAJ) in Kabul has said in Afghanistan  70 percent of media outlets have stopped working due to  financial problems as the Talib ...

Taliban-appointed Kabul University chancellor says women will no longer work, attend class till Islamic environment is created

Kabul: Taliban-appointed chancellor Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat on Monday said women will not be allowed to study or teach in Kabul University until an Islamic environment is created.

Taliban insurgents ban Helmand barbers from trimming beard as it 'breaches' interpretation of Islamic law

Kabul: The Taliban insurgents have issued yet another bizarre diktat to hairdressers in Afghanistan's Helmand province by which they are asked not to shave or trim beards as it breach ...

Afghanistan Crisis: US condemns Taliban govt's decision to reinstate executions, amputations

Washington: The US government has condemned the Taliban administration's recent announcement to restore the use of amputations and executions as punishment in Afghanistan.

Taliban warn that execution and cutting off of hands as punishment will restart in Afghanistan

Kabul: The Taliban insurgents, who are known for implementing brutal punishment techniques, have said they will once again resume executions and the amputation of hands for criminals they ...

Taliban abuses cause widespread fear in Afghanistan: Human Rights Watch

Kabul: The Taliban in Afghanistan’s western city of Herat are committing widespread and serious human rights violations against women and girls, Human Rights Watch and the San Jose ...

Taliban changes name of University of Burhanuddin Rabbani as Kabul Education University

Kabul: The Taliban government, which snatched power in Afghanistan last month forcibly, has changed the name of a government university from University of Burhanuddin Rabbani-former Afgha ...

Not paid salaries for months, govt employees in Afghanistan drive taxis, sell goods

Kabul/UNI: Government employees in Afghanistan have been forced to take to new occupations as their salaries have not been paid for months.

Afghanistan crisis: Women protest in Kabul against Taliban's policies

Kabul: A large number of women gathered outside the gate of the  ministry of women affairs, a ministry which has now been changed by Taliban, on Sunday and protested against the poli ...