Afghanistan: Unknown gunmen kills woman in Gurziwan

Just Earth News | @justearthnews | 22 Nov 2022, 03:32 am Print

Afghanistan: Unknown gunmen kills woman in Gurziwan Afghanistan

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Kabul: Unidentified people shot dead a woman in Afghanistan's Gurziwan district, media reports said on Monday.

The event allegedly took place on Sunday night, November 20, in the Qeshr village of Faryab province’s Gurziwan district, Khaama Press reported.

According to the Taliban’s spokesperson for the chief of police in Faryab province, Hameedullah Botshekan, the young woman was shot by unidentified armed men using a Kalashnikov when she was with her mother at his uncle’s place.

The Taliban official also told the news agency that the young woman had just been accused of engaging in extramarital affairs; however, the Taliban’s primary court in the province of Faryab did not find her guilty, leading to her exoneration.

Her husband reportedly recently returned from Iran.

He has allegedly ended all ties with his wife.