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Chinese-born alleged Asian drug gang lord arrested in Netherlands: Police

Just Earth News | @justearthnews | 24 Jan 2021

Chinese-born alleged Asian drug gang lord arrested in Netherlands: Police

Image: AFP website

Amsterdam: Netherlands police have arrested a Chinese-born Canadian national who is allegedly the head of one of the world's biggest drugs gangs.

The arrested drug gang head is Tse Chi Lop.

Tse Chi Lop - a Chinese-born Canadian national - is said to be the head of The Company, which dominates a $70bn illegal drugs market across Asia, reports BBC.

He was arrested by the Central Unit of the National Police of the Netherlands on Friday (22 January 2021) after acting on an INTERPOL Red Diffusion issued by the Australian Federal Police.

The man, aged 57, is of significant interest to the AFP and other law enforcement agencies, AFP said in a statement.

The AFP issued an arrest warrant for the man in 2019 in connection with AFP-led Operation Volante, which dismantled a global crime syndicate operating in five countries.

The syndicate targeted Australia over a number of years, importing and distributing large amounts of illicit narcotics, laundering the profits overseas and living off the wealth obtained from crime.

In 2013, the AFP announced that Op Volante had resulted in the arrest of 27 people for importing and trafficking substantial quantities of heroin and methamphetamine into Australia.

The AFP will work with the Attorney-General’s Department to prepare a formal extradition request.

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