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Former Chinese top general's daughter slams Xi Jinping administration over Zero-COVID Policy

Just Earth News | @justearthnews | 13 Jun 2022, 11:20 am Print

Former Chinese top general's daughter slams Xi Jinping administration over Zero-COVID Policy China | Covid-19

File photo of Xi Jinping by via Wikimedia Creative Commons

Beijing: Daughter of a former top Chinese general has targeted President Xi Jinping-led government over the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A letter by Luo Diandian, the youngest daughter of Luo Ruiqing, hailed as the creator of China's security and police apparatus, has gone viral and is being widely circulated in non-mainstream Hong Kong websites, Chinese YouTube channels and telegram groups. In the letter written to a certain Ma Xiaoli, Diandian criticises president Xi Jinping's Covid management without naming him, reports Hindustan Times.

In the explosive letter, Diandian has alleged that the basic practice of the ninth edition of the Covid diagnosis and treatment plan is violated through the dynamic clearing policy.

"It does not conform to the mutation characteristics of the novel coronavirus, and it lacks basic scientific thinking. It breaks the common sense that professional problems are handled by experts. The direct use of the party's system to implement executive orders is to break the routine of the state's administrative operations," Diandian's letter reads.

"It not only undermines the enthusiasm of cadres at all levels who really want to do things well, but leaves them at a loss as to what to do," she adds.

China has been witnessing a fight against the viral infection in recent times as cases started to rise.

China has followed the Zero Covid policy, which has often earned criticisms.

The Chinese mainland on Sunday reported 69 locally-transmitted confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 29 in Beijing, 27 in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and 11 in Shanghai, the National Health Commission said Monday, Xinhua reported.