Strategic Planning Consultancy


Organization Name: Children in Crossfire
Location: United Kingdom
Apply email: Not Specified
Start Date: 10-August-2020
Closing Date: 28-August-2020

We are delighted to announce that we are seeking to recruit a consultant to develop, co-ordinate and manage a strategic planning process to produce the organisational and country-specific strategies.

Our current Strategic Plan ‘A Present for the Future’ ends in 2021 and has given rise to this exciting new opportunity!

Ahead of this, we have begun the planning process for creating new organisational and country strategic plans in Ireland, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Our new strategic plans will build on our learning and successes and be informed by evidence-based research and the views of a wide range of key stakeholders. Our new strategic plans will carry our vision of ‘a compassionate world where every child can reach his or her full potential’ forward for the next five years. It will form the basis for consolidation and growth and be supported by detailed resource planning to achieve its ambitions. Our strategic plans will enable us to deliver our mission of tackling the injustices of poverty at home and in our overseas country programmes.

The consultant’s role will include: liaising with key members of staff, reviewing research, consulting with stakeholders, planning, facilitating workshops and producing supporting materials and writing reports. The work is due to be completed by the end of December 2020. It is anticipated the work will involve a minimum of 25 consultant days.

Please see details of the complete Terms of Reference:

Job Email id: matthew.banks(at)