Project Manager - Yalla! For the rights of the Child


Organization Name: Asmae
Location: Montreuil, France
Apply email: Not Specified
Start Date: 30-June-2020
Closing Date: 24-July-2020


Asmae-Sister Emmanuelle Association is a French international solidarity NGO specializing in child development. Independent, secular and apolitical, it is open to all.

Created in 1980 by Sister Emmanuelle on the basis of her experience with the dressers in the slums of Cairo, Asmae continues her action in respect of values and methods inherited from her founder: Listening and proximity, pragmatism, taking into account the Differences, professionalism and reciprocity.

The action of Asmae aims to support vulnerable children and their families through assistance to measure and in the duration of local actors working in the areas of education and the protection of children.

His vision "a fair world that guarantees children to live and grow with their families and their environment to become women and free men, actors of society", is divided into four missions:

• Promote the development of the child through a holistic approach. For this, Asmae also acts on the support of families taking into account the environment;
• Strengthen the capacity of local actors in child development, strengthen synergies among themselves and maximize their social impact;
• Defending the child's cause through awareness and advocacy
• Experiment, swarm and diffuse.
Today, Asmae leads projects in the fields of education and child protection in partnership with 22 local organizations in Burkina Faso, Egypt, Lebanon, Madagascar and the Philippines. Asmae also carries out projects in France.


Yalla! For the rights of the Child "is a project to raise awareness of the rights of children of kindergarten students in high school. The project is a three-step discovery of children's rights and daily lives in the world. It allows students to appropriate the values of solidarity and cooperation through play and exchange. It is also an opportunity for them to make a concrete commitment to a more just world by proposing action.

The project is currently in the expansion phase: we want to develop the number of partner schools, over a larger territory (excluding Ile-de-France), and reach a wider audience. In particular, the project is now available not only in schools but also with adults, within companies.


Respecting the values and the specific intervention mode of Asmae - Association Sœur Emmanuelle, the project manager "Yalla!" For the rights of the child ”carries out awareness-raising actions on the rights of the child, initiates and manages relations with the project partners and actively contributes to its development. He / She is supported by a team of volunteers in civic service that he / she trains and supervises.

To ensure the operational management of the project:

• With the support of the communication and awareness manager, develop operational planning (intervention strategy, provisional budget, annual action plan)
• Organize the implementation of animation activities, with the support of volunteers in civic service
• To conduct on an ad hoc basis actions to raise awareness of the rights of the child in schools and partner organizations
• Ensure control of the procedures and the quality of the interventions of volunteers in civic service
• Evaluate and create suitable educational tools, with the support of volunteers in civic service
• Report on project activities (internal and external reporting, annual review, Project dashboards)

Develop the project:

• Be a force of proposal to develop the number of partners, on a larger territory, and reach a wider audience
• Develop the visibility of the project and Asmae - Association Sister Emmanuelle by actively communicating and bringing together a community around the project through social networks
• Create links with journalists, elected officials and personalities
• Initiate, monitor, strengthen and diversify partnership relationships (prospecting, opening, contracting, closing, etc.)
• Participate in the networks of actors in order to develop synergies
• Help create communication supports for the promotion of the project in connection with the communication department
• Actively participate in the development of the project in the countries where Asmae operates internationally

Search for financial resources:

• Monitor calls for projects from public donors: communities, state services, etc.
• Write grant applications, approach targets and make appointments
• Develop the reporting of accounts to donors, in connection with Headquarters services
• Actively participate in the search for private funds (companies, foundations, etc.), in connection with the patronage and philanthropy service

Recruiting, training and managing your team:

• Recruit, integrate and supervise its collaborators (civic service volunteers and / or trainees)
• Provide training for young people in civic service allowing them to carry out the project (facilitation techniques, knowledge of children's rights)
• To be guarantor of the respect of commitments vis-à-vis the Civic Service Agency: request or renewal of accreditation, drafting of annual reports, nominative reports, etc.
Other complementary activities may be integrated, provided that they are directly linked to the management and development of the project 'Yalla! For the rights of the Child '.


Hierarchical affiliation: Communication and awareness manager

Related positions: Volunteers on civic service missions and possibly intern (s)


Training and Experiences:

• Bac + 4/5 related to development education and / or project management
• Minimum 3 years experience in awareness, animation, development education
• Minimum 3 years experience in project coordination
• Knowledge of the rights of the child strongly appreciated
• Knowledge of the civic service system highly appreciated
• Communication, digital and social media skills


• Ability to take an approach that promotes teamwork
• Openness, listening, patience, educational qualities
• Good relational and group animation skills
• Writing skills
• High mobility
• Fluency in the oral
• Sense of organization
• Autonomy, initiative and dynamism
• Interest in international solidarity

Contract of Employment: CDI, Status framework

Taking a job: August 24, 2020

Working hours: Full-time position (218 days / year)

Compensation: Between € 29K and € 33K annual gross, according to profile

Other Benefits: Support for up to 50% of subscriptions to the public transport network. Restaurant tickets with a face value of € 9 (60% covered by Asmae). Compulsory mutual insurance covered by 70% by Asmae.

Location: Station based in Montreuil (93) with frequent travel in Ile-de-France, in partner institutions, and potentially in the province.


Thank you for sending us a CV and a motivation letter to the address:

Job Email id: recrutement(at)