Regional co-operation is essential for combating wildlife crime: Modi

Just Earth News 13 Apr 2016 Print

New Delhi, Apr 12 (IBNS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said regional co-operation is essential for combating wildlife crime.

"At the end, I would like to emphasise that conservation of tigers is not a choice. It is an imperative. I would also like to emphasise that regional co-operation is essential for combating wildlife crime. In this conference, let us resolve to work together to protect the tiger and its space. India is committed to engage with all Tiger Range Countries for this purpose," he said while speaking at the 3rd Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation.

Speaking on the lagacy associated with tiger in India, the Prime Minister said: " In India, the tiger is much more than just a wild animal. In our mythology, the mother Goddess, who is the embodiment of Mother Nature, is depicted sitting on a tiger. In fact, most of our Gods and Goddesses are associated with some animal, tree or river. In fact sometimes these animals are put on the same pedestal as Gods and Goddesses. No wonder the Tiger is also our national animal. I am sure, other Tiger Range Countries would have some cultural legacy associated with tigers."

He appreciated the good efforts made by the Tiger Range Countries in conserving tigers.

"However, from what I have been told it appears that tiger habitats have reduced drastically across Tiger Range Countries. The situation has been aggravated further by the ongoing trafficking in body parts and derivatives of this magnificent animal. In India too, we have been facing the challenge of poaching and disruption in their ecosystems," Modi said.