Washington: US President Joe Biden has described the airlift evacuation from Afghanistan, a nation captured by Taliban forces, as the ' most difficult' episode in history. more
Fear of India leads Pakistan to cheer Taliban rule in Afghanistan: Experts

Geo political experts believe that Pakistan cheered Taliban insurgents taking control over Afghanistan due to its growing concerns about its enemy India.

COVID-19 vaccine made mandatory for US troops: President Joe Biden supports Pentagon

Washington: US President Joe Biden on Monday said he strongly supported the effort by the Department of Defence (DOD) to make COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for members of the U.S. military b ...

President Joe Biden announces US combat forces to leave Iraq by end of year

Washington: American President Joe Biden on Monday announced his government will formally conclude the US combat mission in Iraq by the end of the year.

US bombing on Iraq-Syria border aimed at destroying sites used to launch sophisticated drone attacks by Iran

Baghdad: President Joe Biden-directed defensive precision airstrike against facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups in the Iraq Syria border region on Sunday evening was a retaliati ...

US President Joe Biden assures Afghan leadership of 'sustained' support

US President Joe Biden has assured the Afghan leadership of “sustained” partnership as the US troops wind down their almost 20-year-long military engagement in the war-torn co ...

Sad day for media freedom in Hong Kong: Joe Biden reacts to shutting down of Apple Daily

Washington: US President Joe Biden described the shutting down of Apple Daily following a police crackdown as a 'sad day' for media freedom in Hong Kong and around the world.

Afghan President Ghani, peace negotiator Abdullah Abdullah to meet US President Biden

Amidst the intensified fighting in Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani and chief peace negotiator Abdullah Abdullah will visit the United States this week and meet US President Joe Biden, ...

Kim Jong-un shows signs of resuming dialogue with US as acute food shortage hits the country

Pyongyang: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has shown signs of resuming dialogue with the United States after giving a cold shoulder to the efforts of the new US government to establish di ...

Biden, Putin set to meet in Geneva amid strained bilateral ties

Geneva: US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin are going to meet at Geneva, Switzerland for their first ever interaction Wednesday, media reports said.