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Canberra, Nov 15 (JEN): The LGBTQ community in Australia took to the streets in the capital to celebrate victory after citizens voted in favour of same sex marriage, reports said. more
Olivia Nuamah: Pride Toronto chief opens up on gender, racism and coming out

The director of one of Toronto's top calendar events, Pride Toronto, Olivia Nuamah wants to be treated like a white male heading a company. In an exclusive interview with IBNS Canada's Suman ...

US: Atlanta police shoot dead armed LGBT student activist

Atlanta, Sep 18 (JEN): Atlanta police shot dead an LGBT student activist, who disobeyed orders to put down a knife he was carrying, reports said.

Australia: Same sex marriage vote could hit a bump. Here's why:

Sydney, Sep 5 (JEN): Come Sep 12, Australians will take part in a vote to decide whether to legalise same sex marriages or not, but that could all come to an abrupt end.

Toronto-based charity helps Chechens LGBTQ people find asylum in Canada

Toronto, Sep 3 (JEN): A Toronto-based charity, Rainbow Railroad, claimed that they helped 31 out of 35 LGBTQ people from Chechens find asylums in Canada, media reports said.

Michael Garron Hospital aims to provide heart-touching experience for LGBTQ community

Toronto, Aug 29 (JEN): Michael Garron Hospital, earlier known as Toronto East General Hospital, developed an environment to provide a heart-touching experience for people belonging to the LG ...

Qantas CEO urges Australians to support same-sex marriage

Melbourne, Aug 21 (JEN): Qantas head Alan Joyce has urged Australians to support same-sex marriage in the upcoming postal vote on the issue, reports said.

The Berlin mosque welcoming the LGBT community

Berlin, Aug 10 (JEN): With its simple white room, there's nothing remarkable about this Berlin mosque, which is also situated behind a church, until you come to know about the work it does. ...

Gay Australians waiting to get married legally

Melbourne, Aug 5 (JEN): A marriage has its pros and cons, but above all it grants one extended legal rights, which can act as an advantage at certain times, as gay Australians feel.

Donald Trump reinstates transgender ban in US military, reactions pour in

Washington, July 26 (JEN): US President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced that transgender people will no longer be able to serve in the country's defence forces.