New York, July 17: Speaking at the first day of the Somalia Partnership Forum in Brussels on Monday, senior United Nations officials commended the country’s government for its efforts in political reform, security, economic development, and recovery and humanitarian assistance – while flagging the need for further progress and international support for these efforts. more
Dress the world in wood, UN says in its ‘Forests for Fashion’ initiative

New York: The fashion industry is valued upward of 2.5 trillion dollars, and employs some 75 million people globally – so it makes good sense to shift textile production from fossil ...

Sand and dust storms, a 'human well-being' issue, says high level panel

New York, July 17: From higher morbidity and mortality rates to reduced economic growth, the impact of sand and dust storms can be major, especially for lower-income nations and vulnerabl ...

Progress has been made, but 'not at a sufficient speed to realize the SDGs': UN ECOSOC President

New York, July 17: One week after zeroing-in on how to build sustainable, resilient societies, key players from around the world debated on Monday at United Nations Headquarters in New Yo ...

'Status quo in Libya cannot be sustained', UN Envoy tells Security Council

New York, July 17: Despite encouraging signs on the political and humanitarian front, efforts must be sustained and intensified in Libya to avoid further “economic collapse, the bre ...

Trump cops severe criticism after defending Putin in Helsinki

Washington: US President Donald Trump has come under fire from his countrymen, following comments that he has no reason to suspect a Russian interference in the US elections.

Erdogan order forces closure of Turkey's State Theatre

Ankara: After consolidating power following the recently concluded elections, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ordered the closure of State Theatre via a decree.

Donald Trump blames US foolishness for poor ties with Russia

Washington: US President Donald Trump has said that America's ties with Moscow have "NEVER been worse", before his first ever summit with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Pu ...

Pakistan: Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif, Maryam and Safdar file appeal against Avenfield verdict

Islamabad:  Pakistan's former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday challenged his conviction, days after he was arrested on Friday, media reports said.

Dump Trump: Scotland protests US President's visit to the country

Edinburgh: US President Donald Trump faced massive protests upon his arrival in Scotland, where he will be spending the weekend, reports said.