Washington: The White House on Friday said US President Donald Trump has invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to Washington during autumn this year. more
Korean denuclearisation: Trump says no time limit, to not rush Kim Jong-un

Washington/Pyongyang: US President Doanld Trump has said on Tuesday that he will not be rushing North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to denuclearise the Korean Peninsula.

Donald Trump says he made a mistake during Helsinki meet, reverses Russia comment

Washington: In another U-turn, US President Donald Trump has reversed his comment he made during a bi-lateral meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday.

Trump cops severe criticism after defending Putin in Helsinki

Washington: US President Donald Trump has come under fire from his countrymen, following comments that he has no reason to suspect a Russian interference in the US elections.

Donald Trump blames US foolishness for poor ties with Russia

Washington: US President Donald Trump has said that America's ties with Moscow have "NEVER been worse", before his first ever summit with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Pu ...

Dump Trump: Scotland protests US President's visit to the country

Edinburgh: US President Donald Trump faced massive protests upon his arrival in Scotland, where he will be spending the weekend, reports said.

Kim Jong-un praises Donald Trump in new note, says looking forward to their next meeting

Washington/Pyongyang: In a rare gesture from the North Korean regime, US President Donald Trump has copped praise for directing his energy towards establishing a healthy bilateral relatio ...

US state secretary Mike Pompeo to leave for North Korea on Thursday: White House

Washington: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be leaving for North Korea on July 5, officials said.

Political mavericks find safe-haven on social media

In the world’s largest democracies and across the globe, social media is enabling the rise in nationalism -- both in government and on the extreme fringes of society and especially ...

Left-winger Amlo wins Mexican presidential polls; Trump says looking forward to working together

Mexico City: Left wing candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador, popularly known as Amlo, is Mexico's President-elect, after surging ahead of his opponents in the recently ...