Washington: US President Donald Trump has threatened to stop payments to three countries in Central and South America if they enable immigrants or their own citizens to illegally enter the USA through their borders. more
Nicolas Maduro expresses desire to meet Donald Trump

Caracas: Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro has expressed his desire to meet his US counterpart Donald Trump.

Trump's UN speech: American President urges world leaders to forego socialism, uphold nationalism

New York: US President Donald Trump has urged world leaders to reject socialism and advocate nationalism,during his speech at the United Nations on Tuesday.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un asks US President Donald Trump for another meeting

Washinton: The White House on Monday confirmed that US President Donald Trump has received a letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, urging a second meeting between the two.

Trump warns Syria against carrying out strikes in Idlib; asks Russia, Iran to refrain

Washington: US President Donald Trump has threatened Syria against recklessly carrying out strikes in rebel-held Idlib province, while asking Russia and Iran to refrain from joining Assad ...

Human rights experts denounce Trump’s attacks against media

New York: The United Nations expert on free expression has condemned President Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on the press, warning that the US leader’s rhetoric is eroding p ...

Trump thanks Kim's 'kind action' as remains of US soldiers slayed in Korean War reaches Hawaii

Washington/Pyongyang: Showering lavish praise, US President Donald Trump has thanked North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for the latter's 'kind action', hours after remains of US ...

'Come, we are ready': Iranian general's rebuttal to Trump's threat

Tehran: A few days after US President Donald Trump, in an all-caps, no-holds-barred tweet, threatened Iran with destruction, if it intimidates America, an Iranian general has paid back th ...

US monitoring group says N Korea dismantling key rocket launch site

Pyongyang/Washington: North Korea appears to finally deliver on its promise of doing away with its nuclear programme, if reports of a US monitoring site are to be taken into account.

Trump goes all out on Twitter following Rouhani's threat; Threatens unprecedented consequences

Washington/Tehran: US President Donald Trump went all out on Twitter after his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, warned America to not 'play with the lion's tail'.