India lodges protest with Palestine over envoy sharing dais with Pakistani terror accused Hafeez Saeed

Just Earth News | @justearthnews | 30 Dec 2017

India lodges protest with Palestine over envoy sharing dais with Pakistani terror accused Hafeez Saeed

New Delhi: India lodged its displeasure to the Palestinian authorities over the sharing of dais by its Pakistan ambassador with 26/11 Mumbai terror attack mastermind Hafeez Saeed during an event in Pakistan's Rawalpindi city on Friday.

India, which voted at the UN recently in favour of Palestine over Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, told Palestinian authorities that the move made by the ambassador was 'unacceptable'.

On Friday, Walid Abu Ali, Palestine ambassador to Pakistan, made a public appearance and shared stage with Saeed during a rally called by the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks mastermind in the Pakistani city.

Voicing displeasure, India's Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement: "
Government of India has strongly conveyed to the Palestinian side that the Palestinian Ambassador in Pakistan's association with terrorist Hafiz Saeed, who is proscribed by the United Nations, at an event in Rawalpindi on 29.12.2017, is unacceptable. The concerns were conveyed both in New Delhi to the Palestinian Ambassador and in Ramallah to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, State of Palestine."

"The Palestinian side has conveyed deep regrets over the incident and assured the Government of India that they are taking serious cognizance of their Ambassador's presence at this event. They have said they will deal with this matter appropriately. It was also conveyed that Palestine highly values its relationship with India and stands with us in the war against terrorism, and will not engage with those who commit acts of terror against India," it said.

The statement further said: "We take note of the assurances given by the Palestine side."

According to reports,  Difa-e-Pakistan Council, a coalition of hardline Islamic parties in Pakistan, held the rally in Rawalpindi, reports said.

The Palestinian envoy to Pakistan was reportedly seen sharing the stage with Saeed at the event.

This comes just days after India voted against the US and in favour of Palestine during the UN resolution that declared Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital 'null and void'.

India had said that its position on Palestine is "independent and consistent."